Should you turn the volume up, down or off?

Many of us choose to listen to our favourite playlist while cracking on with some boring study, writing those snooze-worthy emails or changing the font size to make our work look full of words.

After your 6th hour of jamming to *insert your favourite artist*, have you ever questioned whether listening to music is actually helping you work at all?

Below are some of the hypothesises that I have found from different corners of the internet that give suggestions on how we should consume music while working.

Keep in mind that many of the suggestions can be based on your character type, yeah of us consume music differently so results can vary. …

Clear instructions from Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich

In Chapter 8 of Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich — Decision: The Mastery of Procrastination, he explains how the greatest minds of his time all used the power of decision making to steer away from procrastination and bring in great wealth.

Here are his important principles that can help you eliminate procrastination in decision making and start generating great wealth.

Source — Photo by Viacheslav Bublyk on Unsplash

Making Decisions Quickly

Source — Photo by 胡 卓亨 on Unsplash

Napoleon Hill teaches that the most common reason as to why people do not achieve their goals is because of their lack of decision making.

People who fail to accumulate a lot of wealth have the same trait of making decisions too slowly and changing their decisions often. …

Make your home office the best it can be!

Now that remote working is becoming the norm across the globe, it is time to give your home office the upgrade it deserves.

Instead of recommending you the most obvious things like getting a new chair, new desk, blah blah blah. I thought I would recommend you items that most people will not own but I have enjoyed adding to my own setup the most.

LED Colour Changing Lights

Source — Amazon (Not Sponsored)

Quite a trend over the last few years, adding some LED lights can add a whole different vibe to your office. They will definitely come in handy for those late-night sessions.


Source —

Although there are many health benefits to having a humidifier, it brings a nice sense of serenity to your desk. …

Learning a skill like touch typing can benefit you for the rest of your life, most of us use keyboards every day of our lives so learning this skill can save you hundreds of hours over a lifetime.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

Here is how I learned to touch-type.

Use online trainers

My two favourite websites to use are Keybr and 10fastfingers.

I would recommend using Keybr first, it helps you learn and master the layout of the keyboard.

Once you memorize the layout move onto 10 fast fingers.

The exercises they give you allows you to practice typing out the most used words. …

You can live a debt-free life by using a few simple principles.

A very important lesson they do not teach at school is how to budget your money. Start learning now and you can live a debt-free life.

Photo by Damir Spanic on Unsplash

Create a Spreadsheet

The first thing to do is create a spreadsheet that you can keep all of your information in. I personally like to store this on Google drive because you can access it from anywhere, but the choice is yours. Create a separate sheet for each of the topics below.

As a personal preference, I like to have a summary page that I can quickly see the totals all next to each other.

What is your income?

How much money goes into your bank account? …

If you are trying to learn a new skill online it can be difficult to decide which platform is best for you, I have chosen the 4 best platforms that I have used and I will explain why each one is worth a try.

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash


Udemy has a wide range of courses but I mainly associate it with business skills and online skills. The courses will offer video-based learning, similar to youtube, and the instructor will guide you through course content by narrating or showing visuals.

Through my personal experience, Udemy is best used for learning skills that are not so specialised but are used by many people over many industries. Many of the courses have thousands of reviews so it’s very easy to find courses that other people would recommend so most of the top courses are at a good standard. …

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